Hanoi vegetarian food: Top 7 famous and delicious restaurants

To help you choose a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi, we have come up with some criteria to select the right one below. They are restaurants serving delicious vegetarian dishes in a quiet and peaceful space. They all offer or vegetarian buffet, or vegetarian order, or both.

  1. Huong Thien Vegetarian Buffet

  2. Vi Lai Vegetarian Restaurant

  3. Veggie Vegetarian Buffet Chain

  4. Bo De Tam Vegetarian Restaurant

  5. Nang Tam Vegetarian Restaurant

  6. OM Vegan Garden

  7. An Phuc Vegetarian Restaurant

Huong Thien Vegetarian Buffet 

One of the awe-inspiring Ha Noi vegetarian restaurants is Huong Thien Vegetarian Buffet. They always follow the "healthy" criterion of food. The buffet menu includes nearly 70 vegetarian dishes of all flavors, from traditional to modern. Both Vietnamese and European dishes are made from 100% fresh ingredients, without preservatives. Therefore, food is always clean, safe, and delicious. 


  • Average price: 100.000 – 150.000 VND/person (4,34$ - 6,52$)
  • Address: No.261, Xa Dan Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

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