Ninh Binh Travel Guide: Weather, Transport, Tours

You reach Ninh Binh City on the Red River Delta. The river flows through the main part of the city. It's a standard small city in modern Vietnam. You will find local life hustling and bustling along the streets. Restaurants cater to a variety of local tastes.

The Ninh Binh Province


The attractions in Ninh Binh are amazing but challenging to tour around. The attractions are spread around the province and can be accessed by booking a tour or renting a motorbike. Cycling is possible to get to some of the places, depending on where you stay. Travel is an essential part of the Ninh Binh experience. Let me show you some of the best spots to visit.

If you come to this ancient land but you do not visit Trang An Ninh Binh tourist area. It will be indeed a huge omission. With its spectacular scenery, Trang An is a UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage site so many foreign tourists often want to explore this place. If you are still not sure which Ninh Binh belongs to, the answer is that Ninh Binh is a piece of land located between the three regions of the Northwest, North Central and Red River Delta. It only 90km away from the center of Hanoi capital. Perhaps because it is located in such a favorable location. This place is intersected by different cultures and also owns its World-Recognized Heritage.

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