Co To backpacking tourism, details from A-Z

Co To is the island tourism paradise of Northeast Vietnam. It has clear blue beaches, white sand along, and beautiful scenery of virgin forests or lakes. Not only that, but Co To is also one of the pioneer islands, the sacred watchtower of the country's borders. Let's refer to the extraordinarily detailed Co To travel experiences shared by Top Ten Reviews in this article!

  1. Where is Co To Island?
  2. The best time to go to Co To
  3. How to go to Co To?
  4. Beautiful beaches on Co To Island
  5. Experiencing attractions on Co To Island
  6. Sightseeing routes on Co To Island
  7. Hotels and Homestays on Co To Island
  8. Restaurants on Co To Island
  9. Coffee shop, the bar on Co To Island
  10. Tour schedule to visit Co To Island
  11. Co To travel expenses

Where is Co To Island? 

Located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, it takes about 60 nautical miles from Co To Island to the land. Co To Island is a complex of 50 small islands with two center islands. The island district includes ​​Co To Town, Dong Tien commune, and Thanh Lan commune. 

Co To Island is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the summer. In addition, Co To also has primeval forests on mountainous terrain and historical relics with extremely significant positions in terms of national defense and security, marking the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland. 

Visiting Co To, you will enjoy the landscape of a beautiful island, clear blue beaches, fresh climate, and the pride of standing on sacred territory, proud of the S-shaped Fatherland. 

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