Vinpearl Resort and Spa Phu Quoc Review: What attracts thousand tourists every year?

Phu Quoc Island is the largest island of Vietnam, located in the Gulf of Thailand, attracting thousands of tourists with its cool weather, clear blue sea, diverse ecosystems, and rich cuisine.
We decided to book a hotel room and a private villa for three days two nights at Vinpearl Resort & Spa to have a full review of the service for your reference.

  1. Location
  2. Food and beverages
  3. Rooms and villas
  4. Other services to enjoy
  5. Time to visit


The resort is 22 kilometers from the island center and about 33 km from the airport. The free shuttle bus to the locations is the first service that makes me satisfied. From the place, I can easily visit other entertainment spots such as Vinpearl Safari, VinWonders, and the only 27-hole golf course on Phu Quoc island.


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