Top 5 most ideal resorts for vacation in Da Nang

Having many majestic and beautiful natural scenery, Da Nang gradually became famous. This place welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Many resorts are springing up with different styles and unique designs to meet the increasing resort needs of tourists. However, among the many alternatives here, which ones are the most impressive and ideal? Please refer to the article below for choosing a suitable one. 

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort


InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is the first resort hotel in Vietnam praised by the world-famous travel magazine (Conde Nast). Nestling in the Son Tra peninsula mountains, InterContinental appears like a luxurious "paradise" in the middle of wild mountains. This place many times has been chosen as a place to organize major domestic and international events. It is also a stopover for many stars and celebrities in the world.

As soon as you see the space at InterContinental resort, I am sure that you will be captivated at first sight. Inspired by the unique activities of the Vietnamese people, the famous architect Bill Bensley has created a work of art in the middle of a sacred forest, not only close but also sophisticated and elegant. The primary colors in the interior are black and white, both with a contemporary sound and a luxurious look that attracts people.

You can also enjoy the culinary quintessence from the most luxurious restaurant in the world - La Maison 1888 with delicious dishes to every centimeter cooked by the famous Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire. The restaurant also has a high-class bar system with impeccable service quality, bringing customers the perfect relaxing moments.

Naman Retreat Resort Danang


If you are looking for a place to bring maximum relaxation and refresh your mental health, Naman Retreat Resort Danang is an ideal choice. It has a friendly space design with beach sports, yoga, and spa activities. Moreover, the resort is a harmonious combination of trees, natural stones, and bamboo, promising to bring you the perfect resort experience.

This resort is a design of Vo Trong Nghia - a famous Vietnamese architect. He is a leader in green architecture, recognized around the world with many prestigious international awards. Derived from patriotism and natural materials, this architect has raised the soul of Vietnamese bamboo to a new level with creative design in the restaurant and bar system of Nanam Retreat Resort. The project has made a strong impression on visitors and won many international awards for its unique but delicate traditional bamboo architecture.

The ​​Naman Retreat & Naman Residences villa area has a minimalist room design; a fresh hanging garden covers the outside. The interior's arrangement is square and neat, creating a unique atmosphere. 

Moreover, Naman Retreat & Naman Residences also owns a prime location. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to move to other famous tourist destinations such as Hoi An Ancient Town, Da Nang City, Ba Na Hills, World Cultural Heritage - My Son Sanctuary and Hue Ancient Capital.

Furama Resort Danang

If you love the refreshing sea breeze, Furama Resort Danang is the ideal choice after a long day of hard work. Located on Bac My An beach, Furama Resort Danang combines the typical Vietnamese national culture with elegant Champa architecture.

The interior of Furama Resort Danang is decorated mainly with wooden materials, bringing a feeling of warmth and intimacy, but equally luxurious and sophisticated.

The resort also integrates international standard restaurants and cafes with many unique features and styles, bringing many new experiences to customers. In addition, Furama resort also provides relaxation and beauty spa treatments; water sports services such as diving, sailing, surfing, water skiing, basket boat; yoga classes on the beach.

Premier Village Danang Resort


Do you love the uniqueness of the villa villages of Europe? You want to immerse yourself in the classic world and be full of the luxury of modern villas. So come to Premier Village Danang Resor will surely give you great experiences and unforgettable moments of rest.

Premier Village Danang Resort is a European-style villa village. Located right on the beach and voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Peaceful space and distinctive features create the highlight for this place. The villas all open up to a large view, sometimes towards the garden, sometimes towards the sea, giving a feeling of spaciousness.

Spreading over an area of 15 hectares with 118 coastal villas of international class and stature, Premier brings the perfect resort space by luxury and spaciousness and the cozy privacy of each family. Moreover, the restaurant system with a rich menu and exciting entertainment activities bring experiences and relaxation to visitors.

Premier Village Danang Resort is the choice of couples and families because its geographical location, space, professionalism, service quality is excellent, worthy of international quality. In particular, you can walk or cycle down to the beach at any time through the small, pretty stone paths. In addition, the staff here is very professional, polite, and friendly.

Fusion Maia Resort Danang


Located right on Bac My An, Fusion Maia Resort Danang - owns a very convenient location. With high-quality service, convenient location near the sea, Fusion Resorts is famous as a chain of pioneering and independent resorts in the development direction of the resort industry.

Visitors enjoy a unique feature when coming to Fusion Maia Resort can comfortably dine by the pool here. Restaurants at Fusion Maia Resort will serve you. Enjoying a light alcoholic cocktail right after swimming will give you a better feeling than in a luxurious bar. Come here and try to experience this feeling. I am sure you will be captivated by it.

The strength of Fusion Maia Resort Danang is the combination of Spa services, providing free health care activities such as Yoga, Taichi, Reiki. Adding Yoga classes to the daily schedule will bring you absolute relaxation after a traveling day. 

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