Top 5 best coworking spaces in Hanoi

Coworking space is a seat rental service that increasingly attracts young people, pupils, students, startups, freelancers, etc. Besides leasing working seats, it also provides other benefits. Other accompanying services include office equipment, file cabinets, coffee, drinking water, air conditioners, etc. Create a professional and convenient workspace for customers to help improve work efficiency. This article will tell you the top 5 cheap but equally luxurious and professional coworking spaces.

  1. Hanoi Office coworking space
  2. The Vuon coworking space
  3. Sgarden coworking Space
  4. iHouse coworking space
  5. KiCoworking space

Hanoi Office coworking space 

When talking about office rental services, it is impossible not to mention the Hanoi Office, with nearly 10 years of experience in this field. This will be a place for startups and freelancers to experience a modern space that meets the image standards of a professional office.

With bright colors such as blue, yellow, and white as the primary colors, the airy space at Hanoi Coworking space also makes it easier for customers to find new ideas. 

In addition to providing a luxurious working seat, Hanoi Office's service packages also include other utilities such as reception, IT staff, telephone staff, document cabinets, equipment, office equipment, air conditioning, wifi, drinking water, ... 

Coworking space of Hanoi Office for rent in 2 forms: Fixed seat and flexible seat.

  • Fixed seat: Suitable for businesses, small and medium-sized companies looking for an office to work for a group, a team consisting of a few full-time employees to save office costs while still taking advantage of the office space and maximum use of human resources.
  • Flexible working space: This type of service will be more suitable for freelancers or business people who often go on business trips and want to find a place to work, but the time to use it is not long and only lasts a few hours. 


Coworking space service price: Only from 80.000 VND (~3,51 USD)/day

Hanoi Office facilities:

  • Facility 1: Office for lease in Ba Dinh District (VMQ Building, 87 Nguyen Thai Hoc).
  • Facility 2: Office for lease in Cau Giay District (Sannam Building, 78 Duy Tan).
  • Facility 3: Office for lease in Thanh Xuan District (Zen Tower, 12 Khuat Duy Tien).
  • Facility 4: Le Van Luong office for lease (Golden Palm, 21 Le Van Luong).
  • Facility 5: Office for lease in Ha Dong District (HUD3 Tower, 121-123 To Hieu).
  • Facility 6: Office for lease in Tran Phu Ha Dong (Song Da Building, 131 Tran Phu).
  • Facility 7: Office for lease in Nam Tu Liem District (AT Building (Next to FLC Building, Lane 5 Le Duc Tho 30m).
  • Facility 8: Office for lease in Hoang Mai District (Helios Tower, 75 Tam Trinh).

In addition to leasing working seats, Hanoi Office also has other services such as virtual office rental, private office, standard meeting room, online meeting room. 

Hotline contact: 085.339.4567 – 0904.388.909

The Vuon coworking space 

Using cool tones combined with Wall-Art, The Vuon gives customers a breakthrough feeling with a creative, youthful, and dynamic workspace.

The Vuon has a spacious space with a capacity of up to 200 people. This will be ideal for businesses and individuals to organize seminars, chats, talk shows, etc. Besides renting meeting rooms. Workshop, this place also provides customers with renting a classroom with 40-50 seats. This will be a place of new inspiration for young people when they are bored with the monotonous space of the school.


Coworking space service price: Only from 80.000 VND (~3,51 USD)/day 

The Vuon's facilities: 3rd floor – Tower A, D2 Giang Vo building, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi  

Sgarden coworking Space 

According to Coworking space reviews, the third name mentioned is Sgarden. When coming to coworking space companies Sgarden, customers will feel a close and popular space because of the simplicity in decoration and interior layout here. When working at this location, customers will feel comfortable and comfortable working at home, especially customers who like vintage, bohemian styles will enjoy the atmosphere here. Still, there is a big minus point that is the somewhat small space of Sgarden. 

Service price: Only from 100.000 VND (~4,39 USD)/day

Sgarden's campuses: Alley 376 Khuong Dinh, Ha Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi 

iHouse coworking space 

The next name appearing in the top 5 cheap Coworking Spaces in Hanoi is iHouse. Unlike other brands, iHouse is not limited to indoor workspace, where iHouse sets up desks for customers to be highly diverse. It can be outside on the balcony, in the attic, or even outside. Yard. 

Among the top coworking companies, iHouse's space gives freelancers a true sense of an affordable cafe, where customers can sit and work, enjoy a cup of tea and breathe in the relaxing atmosphere. 


Service price: Only from 120.000 VND (~5,27 USD)/day 

iHouse's offices: 131 Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi 

KiCoworking space 

This will be an excellent suggestion for those who love shades of color. Coworking space names – KiCoworking space takes white and cool green as the primary color and is dotted with different colors for decoration. Packaged office rental service here with straightforward but equally stylish interior design, these are the things that make Kicoworking space's space brighter.


Coworking space service price: Only from 120.000 VND (~5,27 USD)/day 

Deska's facilities: 4th floor, T2 tower, Times Tower Building (HACC1, 35 Le Van Luong Street, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi 

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