Estate investment: Top 3 estate agencies in Vietnam

Business opportunities in the Vietnam real estate market have expanded a lot compared to previous years. It leads to an increase in the number of real estate businesses. There are countless real estate businesses currently on the market, but do you know which one is the largest in Vietnam today? If not, let's immediately refer to the top 3 most prominent real estate companies in Vietnam today through the article below.

  1. Vingroup Group

Vingroup Group

Vingroup Group Joint Stock Company (referred to as Vingroup Group), formerly known as Technocom Group, was established in Ukraine in 1993 by young Vietnamese people. Its mission is For a better life for everyone, with the desire to bring products and services of international standards to the market. Moreover, they have created entirely new experiences in the modern lifestyle for customers. In any field, Vingroup has proved its pioneering role, leading the changing consumer trends. Vingroup has done miracles to honor the Vietnamese brand and is proud to be one of Vietnam's leading private economic groups.

Vingroup is also the number one real estate company in Vietnam, operating in mixed-use residential real estate development, transfer, and operation. They target the mid and high-end segments. The agent develops high-end apartment, townhouse, and villa product lines under the Vinhomes brand and mid-end and more affordable apartment products under the VinCity brand.

There are complex, large-scale projects with synchronously developed infrastructure, together with many utilities and services, making the most of the advantages of the Vingroup ecosystem, such as Vincom commercial center, Vinmec hospital, Vinschool school, VinMart supermarket, VinMart+ store, Vinfast car, and the most extensive loyalty program in Vietnam, VinID.

As a result, Vingroup is considered a community builder, providing the market with individual real estate products. Also, they provide residents with a quality, civilized, green living environment, contributing significantly to changing the face of Vietnam's cities.

Dat Xanh Group

In November 2003, Dat Xanh Group was officially on the real estate market in Vietnam. It has always been firm with the target that gives the best real estate professional products and services of creation and development.

Their advantage is strong finance, solid on experience, with the staff of the professionals and creation. Dat Xanh Group has tried in all circumstances to assess and enhance their position on the real estate market in Vietnam, maintaining the trust in clients' minds partners.

The group has merged with financial holdings, banking, and technology companies to take advantage of the market with a multi-career strategy. Dat Xanh is one of the successful businesses of its own culture, creating an ideal environment for people to develop their careers in real estate in Vietnam. Moreover, its goal in business development goes along with social development. There's always practical action for a solid and benevolent community.

The vision to 2025 is "To be one of the largest economic conglomerates in Vietnam, and 2030 is "To be one of the finest developments in Southeast Asia."

Phat Dat Company

Phat Dat Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company was established in 2004. It starts with two first projects - Investment cooperation to implement projects in Trung Son Residential Area in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City, and Project Sao Mai apartment in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. Both of them hit colossal success.

It has the vision of becoming the leading real estate development corporation in Vietnam through owning leading brands. Besides, the mission is to create perfect living spaces with unique architecture and outstanding quality to bring the best quality to customers. Significantly, they pay attention to give value to customers, shareholders, and the community. Therefore, Phat Dat has become one of the prestigious real estate names in Vietnam. The company is best known for building Phan Dinh Phung Sports Center in Ho Chi Minh City. They also regularly collaborate with the Vietnamese government to create infrastructure projects and ecotourism.

The company has been honored at the 24th position in the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, Top 10 typical real estate developers, Top 50 most influential companies in Vietnam due to the development process. 

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