Noodles with shrimp paste (Bun dau mam tom) - the most interesting things about the culinary elite of Ha Noi

Although it is just a popular dish present on the streets and alleys of Hanoi, the attraction called "bun dau mam tom" has never diminished. People eat regardless of sunny days, rainy days, winter days, cold days. "Let's eat as much as you like," who said that they are craving for the strong smell of shrimp paste, the greasy smell of fried rice, soft and tender pork leg meat served with marjoram and perilla. A perfect blend so that one can eat this dish for a whole week without getting bored.

  1. Origin of bun dau mam tom

  2. How to make delicious bun dau mam tom

  3. Steps to make delicious bun dau mam tom

  4. The right way to eat bun dau mam tom

Origin of bun dau mam tom 


As one of the dishes representing the culinary culture of Ha Thanh, of course, many people will research and learn about the origin of bun dau mam tom. However, there is no exact answer.

According to the ancients, this dish was made by the countryside people when there were only noodles, tofu with a few raw vegetables, mainly to change plates for the family. But it's not difficult to open a noodle shop with shrimp paste. Two baskets inside were full of all the ingredients, with baby chairs slung over their waists.

Wherever people call in, they sometimes sit right there or find an alley that specializes in serving the people around. That's why you see noodles with shrimp paste appearing everywhere, even in the most modest areas.

Only those who have more conditions and want to do big business will open shops. Many people like to sit in a "crowded" place a bit but warm, sitting next to a pan of tofu and fried rice nuggets. That is called enjoying Ha Thanh cuisine.

At first, the shrimp paste noodles were fried beans with shrimp paste and few raw vegetables, as the name suggests. But after coming to Ha Thanh, city people eat more "connoisseurs," along with the rise of life, people begin to mix more noodles. A complete meal includes vermicelli, beans, fried pork belly, boiled pork leg, fried rice, cucumber, perilla, marjoram.

In Hanoi, when it comes to bun dau mam tom, the most famous one is Hang Khay alley - around the lakeside area. Every house is full of guests from morning to night, serving the waiters without rest. Then people order more kumquats, people less vermicelli, people add beans it's too busy. Or, if you don't want to go far, we dare to affirm that a shop will sell this dish in any street or alley.

  • How to eat Bun Dau Mam Tom in Hanoi ? (When eating, you use chopsticks to pick up a piece of Bun La (noodle in shape of leaf), dip it into Mam Tom and put in your mouth. Then, you can pick some fired tofu, boiled pork and so on. In particular, when enjoying, you should have a dink which is a little bit sour such as lemon tea, plum juice and so on. It is very wonderful!)
  • How to make Bun Dau Mam Tom (Rice vermicelli with fried tofu) ?

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