Airbnb Hanoi: Top 5 best Apartments and Homestays in Hanoi

When traveling to Hanoi or simply on a business trip, you have not found yourself an apartment, a Hanoi hotel with reasonable price but beautiful. Check out the top "quality" Airbnb Hanoi that we have compiled in the following article.

  1. New Studio Apt, Hoan Kiem, near the old quarter
  2. Langmandi -Beca Room, Beautiful House in the Center of Hanoi
  3. La Casa
  4. La Cachette Home
  5. Sky View Apartment in Hanoi Center
  6. Airbnb Saigon: Top 7 best apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

New Studio Apt, Hoan Kiem, near the old quarter


Each studio apartment is located in a mini building, close to the old town and the city center. This building was built in 2020 and is run by the family. We will try to calculate every detail, big and small, to your satisfaction and provide you with a neat, clean, safe, affordable, cozy environment.

Facilities of the Studio Building and Apartment


  • Brand new mini apartment.
  • 24/24 surveillance camera;
  • Laundry service on request.


  • 20 square meters with your kitchen and bathroom, 3rd floor with elevator.
  • Air conditioner
  • Queen size bed, wardrobe, bedside table
  • Kitchen table


  • Full kitchen cabinets with essential kitchen tools
  • Refrigerator, microwave, kettle, pots, and pans.

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